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Taken, Available, And Held Characters And Application

Available Characters

Donna Pinciotti
Eric Forman
Steven Hyde
Michael Kelso
Red Forman
Kitty Forman
Midge Pinciotti
Bob Pinciotti
Laurie Forman

Taken Characters

Jackie Burkhart - jackie_burkhart

Held Characters

None at the moment.


If you are interested in role playing here, leave a comment to this entry with the following filled out:

Character You Are Applying For:
Character's Journal:
Character's AIM/YIM/MSN Screen Name:
Email Address:
Any Questions/Comments/Concerns?
Tags: application, available characters, held characters, taken characters
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I'd be interested in play Donna, Hyde, Red or Leo, if I could get any of them held? Have you been advertising? Or? Anyway, my e-mail is and my AIM is womanofmarvel, so ping me if you have any thoughts or preference to the character you'd like to have played. Cheers,

Hi! Thanks for your interest. I just sent an email to you with more information.