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Rules And General Info

General Info

You must be at least 13 years of age or older to join. No exceptions will be made.

You must create a separate journal for your character(s). Be sure to add all the other character's journals to your friends list.

We will start at the very beginning of the show and work our way to the end. Please try to stick to the plot as much as possible. It is encouraged that you use your imagination and add in your own events in between. For example, the gang might have gone to the The Hub one night. You could write about what went on there. Also, be realistic. No one will become friends with their enemies in a snap of a finger.

It is also strongly encouraged that players talk offline as well (such as email, AIM, etc.).

As it goes for posting to the actual community, that will be for all Out-Of-Character (aka "OOC") posts.


01. Basically, this is the number one rule. Be polite and respect your fellow members and mods/maintainers. I will not tolerate anyone disrespecting someone else.

02. You are not expected to update your character's journal or leave comments for other players everyday, but please be somewhat active. If months go by and I see you've only updated your journal once, left one comment or none at all, or never updated your journal whatsoever, you will be contacted to find out if you are still interested in role playing as that character. If not, you will lose your character and it will be put up for grabs.

03. Cursing is accepted here, but under one condition. You may only put the first letter of the word, but each letter after that has to be edited by asterisks.

04. Proper spelling and grammar is a must. I understand at some point we will all make a mistake or two, but don't do it intentionally. Also, internet speak, sticky caps, emoticons, and things like that are not accepted.

05. Take a look at the list of taken and available characters before applying. I do not want arguments over a character that is already taken. Instead, choose another character that is available. It's strictly first-come-first-serve.

06. If you can't get around to creating a separate journal for your character, you can request to put a character on hold. The time limit is three days. If you don't create a character journal within that amount of time, you will be contacted to find out if you are still interested in role playing as that character. If not, the character will be up for grabs.

07. You may only take on two characters at the most. No exceptions will be made.

08. In order to know that you've read and understood this entry, please put your favorite quote from one of the characters in the subject line when posting your application. If you do not, we will request that you go back and read the rules before accepting your application.
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